Full blown enquiry by Investigation agencies

Overview: Full blown enquiry by Investigation agencies, into the working and cash flow of the business. Including Fraud investigation and CDF Formalities
Client: Successful Running Business in UK


Handling and arrangin lot of paperwork back dating to 10 years
Time Management,
Co-ordination with mulitple Govt. Investigation agencies
Reducing/eleiminating the tax/penalty liabilities

Services Provided by Accountancy Solutions Nottingham

A typical hard and details investigation by Govt Agencis
Working on each year;s cash flow statements for business as well as personal
all the informations / Bank accounts Personal as well as business
sorted and information compiled
in such as a way to make the investigation agencies belief that there is no/negligible underpaid taxes
Prepration of all financial statements from begning till end
Prepration and then presentation to the officers, Meeting with them and explainign them each and every query raised by them

Impact on Client's Business

  • Saving lot of mental harrasement
  • Saving on all the taxes, and penalties
  • Saving from time consuming investigation, so that client can focus on growth of business

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